From the violent streets of Ukraine to bomb shelters in Israel to a Europe facing renewed anti-Semitism, The Joint acts boldly to make lives better.

The Joint believes that Jews around the globe share an unshakeable connection to each other: in crisis, bringing critical assistance to the tens of thousands in desperate need leveraging Israeli innovation to empower all Israelis, especially the vulnerable investing in the next generation of global Jewish leaders building a sustainable Jewish future for communities worldwide.


Our 5 working pillars


We provide aid to the most vulnerable Jews

Tens of thousands of elderly Jews go to bed hungry every night, homebound in dilapidated apartments. And tens of thousands of Jewish families—many of them with special needs—struggle to make ends meet and educate their children.


We cultivate a Jewish future

We are building the next generation of young leaders and empowering families with Jewish connection and opportunity—fueling a powerful revival of Jewish life that’s more essential now than ever before.


We are the largest NGO in Israel partnering with the government

The Joint is the Research and Development Arm of the Israeli government social welfare department. Spanning the depth and breadth of the country, we make it possible for millions of vulnerable Israelis to lift themselves from dependence towards a life of self-sufficiency and dignity


We rescue Jews in danger

We’re the 000 of the Jewish people


We lead the Jewish response to global crisis

Every year, the lives and livelihood of millions of people are irrevocably altered in an instant when natural disasters or other calamities strike. We leverage a century of experience to help these devastated communities overcome the most difficult challenges by providing immediate humanitarian aid

Where we work

We are active in over 70 countries around the world. Use our interactive map to find out more.


18+ Million hours of home care

provided to vulnerable Jews living in desperate conditions in the last year


240,000 lives touched

in Israel over the course of a single year through innovative social programs that are transforming the fabric of Israeli life.


25,000+ Camp Szarvas alumni

are the vanguard for a bright Jewish future in Europe and beyond.


110,000+ impoverished Jews

across Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America receive life-saving aid from JDC in a single year.

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