We provide aid to the most vulnerable Jews

We bring lifesaving relief to desperate Jews living in places where they have no other lifeline. The basic necessities – food, medicine, home care, and winter heat – mean the difference between life and death for Jews around the world.



People are helped by The Joint on any given day. Today the basic necessities are provided in the former Soviet Union (FSU) to nearly 102,000 of the world’s poorest Jews in countries like Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, and Russia.


18 million+

Hours of home health care were provided to vulnerable Jews living in desperate conditions in the last year by 5,300 volunteers in 44 communities.



Jews were helped by The Joint following the Nazi invasion of Poland in 1939. The Joint opened shelters and soup kitchens that by 1941 were helping to keep 630,000 Jews alive.



Impoverished and often isolated Jews across Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America receive lifesaving aid from The Joint in a single year.

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The world's poorest Jews need your help

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    We cultivate a Jewish future

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    We are the largest NGO in Israel partnering with the government

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    We rescue Jews in danger

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    We lead the Jewish response to global crisis

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