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The Russian invasion of Ukraine started on February 24, 2022. Now, over one year on, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) verified over 7.1 thousand deaths of civilians in Ukraine during the war as of January 2023. The war was initially expected to last until March 2022, but after Russia’s failures, it shifted its strategy.
Russia’s attacks have become increasingly more brutal, sparking a humanitarian crisis in the Ukraine, leaving many Jews suffering under intense pressure and in a constant state of distress. As the economy continues to deteriorate and the harsh winter continues, the demand for humanitarian aid has grown significantly. JDC continues to provide uninterrupted support to tens of thousands of Ukraine’s most vulnerable Jews.  We need your help to provide social justice and hope for those who need it most.

How your support helps

JDC has over 100 years of crisis response experience, and we have continued to use knowledge to:
AID those Jews remaining in Ukraine
EVACUATION support those looking to leave
REFUGEE support thousands of refugees across Europe and Israel.
There is still so much work that needs to be done and this is why we need your help – to ensure JDC can continue to play its vital role in saving Jewish lives in Ukraine. 

Where your support goes


  • Providing food, medicine, trauma support and winter relief aid such as heaters, cooking stoves, sleeping bags for sub­zero temperatures, rechargeable torches, blankets, fleece- lined clothing, wood, coal and energy bill subsidies.
  • Addressing Ukraine’s “new poor” resulting from skyrocketing inflation and diminished employment opportunities.
  • Supporting the Jewish community and ensuring connection to community is maintained through JDC programming and volunteer work
  • Engaging our volunteer, staff and network of Hesed social welfare centres so they can continue to provide services such as food, medicine and home care.
  • Operating emergency hotlines in collaboration with local Jewish communities in Ukraine, Bulgaria, Poland, Moldova, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Romania, Estonia, Latvia, and Slovakia.


As European Jewish communities absorb those fleeing Ukraine, providing vital needs such as food and medicine to those Jewish centres in Europe.

Staffing key border crossings to help new refugees as they arrive in countries like Poland, Moldova, Hungary, and Romania.

Delivering nonsectarian humanitarian aid to people impacted by the crisis, in partnership with Jewish communities across the region.

Providing Emergency relief to families and eldery. 

Ukraine Crisis


Coordinating evacuations across Ukraine by arranging transport and safe
accomodation inside Ukraine and elsewhere.
Providing medical transport to vulnerable elderly Jews unable to make the journey
via regular transport means.

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