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Hello my fellow friend of The Joint.

I wish you a Chag Sameach and share two relevant Joint/Pesach stories.
1943, April 19 – Warsaw Ghetto
This year, the eve of Passover is the seventy-sixth anniversary of the beginning of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising. In 1943, April 19 was the night of the first seder, just as it is this year. Seventy-six years ago, a band of brave Jews made a last stand against the murderous Nazi regime. They launched this historic act of resistance on the same night that they celebrated the miracle of Passover.

The JDC executed a unique function in the ghetto. A JDC professional named Isaac Giterman played a key role in planning the uprising, and also helped fund the weapons used to launch it. Another JDC colleague, Emanuel Ringelblum, created a secret archive recording Nazi brutality in the ghetto. Buried in aluminium crates, the archive was recovered after the war, and provides detailed evidence about life in the ghetto, including JDC’s role in running soup kitchens and providing other social services.

The JDC family remember the heroism and sacrifice of Jews in the Ghetto.
We were there.

Today in 2019
JDC’s Global Passover aid distribution: From Cuba to Kharkov, JDC has helped organise seders and distribute matzah in the spirit of the Haggadah: “All who are hungry, come eat!” The Joint continues to mobilise today to ensure Jewish communities around the world have the resources they need to celebrate Passover.

Before Passover this year, JDC distributed Matzah boxes to a total of 47,480 Elderly (17,192 Nazi Victims, and 30,288 Non-Nazi Victims) in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova. Each client receives one box of Matzah. The average cost for each box of Matzah is $1.40.
We are there.
1956-57 – Egypt
Nasser’s regime began a series of persecutions against Jews. These included arrests, seizures of property of citizens, limitations of the right to work, threats, outlawing of Zionism, and sometimes forced expulsions. Egyptian Jewry, until then a thriving minority, began to leave en-masse. Within one year approximately half of the Jews previously resident in Egypt had made their way to Israel, Europe, or the Americas. JDC clandestinely funded welfare services for the remaining Jewish community through the Red Cross.

The Joint worked with Jewish communities to receive them and enable them to restart their lives. In Israel, JDC assisted the elderly and disabled among the arrivals.
We were there.

Today in 2019
The last 24 Jews remaining in Egypt completed seder with The Joint’s matzah delivery and seder support.
We are there.

On Passover, we are commanded to tell the Passover story as if we personally were there. The Joint is always there.

Enjoy Pesach.

Eva Fischl, President
Philip Bos, Executive Director
The Joint Distribution Committee (Australia)
T: 1300 683 653
E: australia@jdc.org
W: www.thejointaustralia.jdc.org
For over a century, The Joint’s mission has been “saving Jewish lives and building Jewish life,” and that work continues today. From young people to the elderly, from large to small communities, we help millions in need each year.

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