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Dear Joint supporter

Today is not the first time Jewish communities have faced adversity.

For 105 years and in over 70 countries, The Joint has rescued, restored, and made resilient our people in need:

  • throughout two world wars
  • before, during and after the establishment of the State of Israel
  • and right now

We provide services to those whose lives are at grave risk. We continue to build independent sustainability, success and growth. A million smiles a day are our reward.

The Joint uses both its left hand to pull communities from danger and desperation, and right hand to push social mobility and success. You make this happen – thank you!

Rest assured that as the world faces a new challenge of the Coronavirus, The Joint will continue to provide our essential services to one million customers. Wars, bombs, bullets, tyranny and disease have never stopped The Joint from delivering on its sacred mission. We will continue to do so.

As the festival of Purim starts, I would like to take this opportunity to share this piece of history with you and show you how we always meet our promises.

Throughout our history, we’ve stared down hate and each time we’ve survived. Since 1914, The Joint has played a pivotal role in overcoming these crises. We’ve been there in the darkest moments, whether that meant rescuing those in peril or helping the survivors rebuild.

We were there in July 1945, when a newly liberated Holocaust survivor in Warsaw sent a four-word telegram to The Joint’s New York office. “I Live Require Help,” she wrote, confident that The Joint was the correct address for her plea.

Her confidence was well-placed. The Joint had already launched a massive post-Holocaust rescue and rehabilitation program, which by 1947 was aiding half of all the Jews in Europe living west of the Soviet Union.

We were there when Israel was born, facilitating the immigration of some 440,000 Jews to Israel and creating a network of social services to help thousands of elderly and fragile new immigrants.

We were there, in secret, during the Cold War era, working to sustain Soviet Jewish refuseniks, as well as successive waves of Soviet émigrés.

We were there in Ethiopia in 1991, when we paved the way to airlift 14,000 Jews to Israel in just 36 hours.

We were there in Argentina in 2001, when the economy collapsed, building a coalition to support 36,000 Jews suddenly plunged into poverty.

We are there right now, in places we can’t even talk about because of ongoing crises, saving Jewish lives no matter the risk.

We can’t know what this health challenge will bring, but you can count on The Joint to always be there for Jews in need. Together, we can confront anti-Semitism and help Jews all over the world do what we’ve always done: Survive, and thrive.

That’s why the future needs us now.

Chag Purim sameach.

Kind regards,

Eva Fischl OAM 

Philip Bos
Executive Director

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