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The Joint Australia COVID-19 Update – 8 April 2020

On this night, Why is The Joint different from any other organisation in The Jewish World?

Dear Joint supporter

The Joint Australia wants to share a short, good news message of resilience and continuity.

Rest assured that The Joint will never Let Our People Go. Read how we are shining a light in all the dark corners of the world and in Israel:

  • The Joint is working. Our clients continue to receive the services they need to survive.
  • We have over 1 million clients in-need, in over 70 countries, including of course Israel (where we are the largest NGO).
  • All this is made possible by your generous support, for which we thank you.
  • In many countries, we are donning Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and negotiating complex travel restrictions to ensure the most vulnerable Jews in the world have a life-line, needed now more than ever.
  • 120,00 of our elderly customers are at the highest risk from Covid-19.
  • Every day, we see them and care for them, on your behalf. No-one is forgotten. No-one is alone.
  • I am immensely proud to be part of the worldwide network that for 106 years has managed adversity as a regular part of our duties.

If you wish to learn more about what we are doing in response to Covid-19, please click here and for example here.

The Joint has always operated in extreme environments.
The Pesach message is one of rescue and salvation. Such is the mission of The Joint:

  • During World War I, World War II, the commencement of the State of Israel
  • When we rescued Jews from Arab lands – Operation Magic Carpet Yemen 1950, Iraq 1952, Syria 1948 – until we took the last Jews out this decade
  • In Egypt 1957, Iran 1949-1979, Ethiopia – Operations Moses, Joshua and Solomon in the 1980’s and ’90s
  • Today in Ukraine, South America and other countries in secret.

The Joint prevailed then. The Joint will prevail now. This too, will pass. The impact we are making together is palpable.

From home to home, we wish you a Chag Pesach Sameach.

Kind regards,

Eva Fischl OAM 

Philip Bos
Executive Director

Please show your support in helping The Joint continue to provide its lifesaving services in these unprecedented times.

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