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JDC Australia President visits Jerusalem

Eva Fischl outside the JDC Headquarters in Israel

The following article is a diary entry from Eva Fischl, the president of The Joint Australia, documenting her recent visit to Jerusalem. 

It’s hard to describe the exhilaration felt when one approaches ”The Hill of Joint” which is the actual name of the ‘location’. Strategically and following our Legendary Ralph Goldman’s vision, the Building stands proudly opposite the Prime Ministers Office, The Ministery of Finance and the Bank of Israel. The Joint deeply enmeshed with all of them.

Entering into the building, one is immediately struck by how inviting it is. On further inspection, it proves even more so. The combination of professionalism, and warmth, with well laid out offices. Enabling both privacy yet openness, interspersed with little courtyards, kitchens, places to meet for conversation, and the fact that be it the CEO in Israel, or anyone else, the spaces seem to be equal’.

I then moved to one of the board rooms for Ashilim, where i received an update for “Tania’s Reading Corners” 

The headquarters of The Joint in Jerusalem

After that, I was ushered into the “Situation Room”. This was spellbinding, reminiscent of Churchill‘s war room. I was given an in depth account of all we have done and do, everyday. It is just outstanding!!! 

This makes me so proud.

I heard the history of our history in the Jewish world which is so overwhelming, that it is almost hard to grasp. So much activity is carried out at the Centre, with the most innovative programs.

I was told that in Israel women officially retire at 62, men at 67. It is a time when obviously people are young enough to be productive and lead full lives and JDC helps them through this whole process with much practical and effective advice and assistance. Most impressive.

In summary, JDC‘s presence as symbolised in our ‘home base’ is ubiquitous, our breadth and reach impossible to quantify. 

When we claim, that, we are leaders of world Jewry, that we are the ‘000‘ call centre of the Jewish world, we are being but accurate!

One of the rooms inside The Joint headquarters in Jerusalem.

‘The Hill of Joint’ in this entry refers to the headquarters of JDC located in the Givat Ram district of Jerusalem, Israel.

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