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The Joint Australia COVID-19 Update – 15 May 2020

A moment of clarity, by Executive Director, Philip Bos

Good afternoon Joint Supporter

I hope that you are well in these trying times.  I wanted to share with you all, this personal moment of clarity I experienced, which I hope you can take the time to reflect on.

During my life, I have always found heroes fascinating. What drove them? Would I be as brave should I face similar challenges? Was it chance or active leadership, that placed such people in the crosshairs of life? A moment to do the right thing, or perhaps find oneself falling short of managing the impact of the threat.

Recently I learnt that there is far more to the concept of a hero, than performing at the moment. Allow me to explain:

The term ‘Corona Crisis’ is often used. When a Critical Incident is not managed, it worsens to become a crisis. It may even spiral out of control, on an global scale, to become a disaster.

At The Joint, we are not facing a crisis; because the impact of Corona is being managed by JDC staff. I call it a Managed Incident. That is not to say that the Corona impact is trivial, in fact, it is extreme in its effect and devastation. Still, I suspect that soon we may consider our new operating environment BaU – Business as Usual.

How is this so? Is it because of our 106-year history of coping with the worst that the world has thrown at The Joint? Yes, certainly in no small part. However, mostly, the answer lies in The Joint staff.  Not only have the staff of The Joint had to accommodate new and challenging personal and family circumstances, they also must ensure that they are match-fit for the most important work that a person can do – the protection of others.

A new definition of hero has emerged for me. It is not just the fast reaction to an emergency. Equally now for me, hero defines the dedicated staff of The Joint, who quietly and without fanfare, adapt and transform in response to incredible pressure. They do so with composure, as they continue to provide protection for those who cannot or struggle to fend for themselves.

The weeks and months of Corona continue and the efforts and expertise of field and office staff, relentlessly grind down the Corona “Crisis” into Corona BaU. This occurs individually and collectively.

The word hero comes from the Greek hērōs, literally “protector”. Each day as I read of The Joint’s work in protecting our people, pursuing the betterment of our Jewish brethren in need, is a day when I find myself in the company of hērōs. Whenever I face concern with the struggles at hand, should I introspect and falter; I remind myself that I am working with hērōs. That imbues confidence in me, for my future and that of The Joint’s clients. I feel restored.

They are our protectors and my inspiration.


The Joint Australia wishes you Shabbat Shalom and a safe and enjoyable weekend.

Kind regards,

Eva Fischl OAM 

Philip Bos
Executive Director

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